• it security vulnerability management case study

    Project Highlights

    • Client: MacroBank

    • Partners: Security Global

    • Project duration: May 2016 - Aug 2016

    • Project category: Education & Security Awareness

    Project Overview

    Many organizations forget to include their vendors in risk management plan while developing IT Security. Supplier or vendor risk management plan is very important in developing efficient and complete IT Security. Why is that? Your vendors, intentionally or unintentionally can become source of security threat.

    This is why it is of vital importance to look at your company as a whole while developing risk management plan. That means you need to take your vendors and employees into account as a possible intentional or unintentional source of IT Security vulnerability or a threat and create a plan that will address those vulnerabilities or threats and deal with them in appropriate way.

    ConsultingPress provided complete service of Risk Management Plan creation and management for MacroBank company in New York USA.

    ConsultingPress helped to assure IT Security in MacroBank is on highest level and educate employees and business partners of value and importance of IT Security.


    • Vulnerabilities and Threats Detection

    • Analysis of Business Relationships

    • Detailed analysis of Avia vendors, it's rights to IT assets of the company, ways of communication and information transfers.

    • Creating detailed Risk Management Plan for MacroBank


    • Increased level of IT Security

    • Detailed vendor risk management plan

    • Documented best practices and procedures

    • Higher level IT Security awareness

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