• it security risk management plan

    Project Highlights

    • Client: Capive & Co

    • Partners: Security Global

    • Project duration: May 2016 - Aug 2016

    • Project category: Security Risk & Compliance

    Project Overview

    Dealing with risk management is one of the most important parts of project manager. ConsultingPress helps companies and project managers in creating highly detailed plan – document containing procedures for risk addressing, estimating impacts on business processes and functions and proper responses to every risk addressed.

    Our experts helps you in addressing your most critical assets and secure them. We help you in foreseeing possible risks and their impact on project, business process or function, asset or company as a whole and educate you how to create detailed risk management plan and how to deal with IT Security risks.

    ConsultingPress provided complete service of Risk Management Plan creation for Capive & Co.

    ConsultingPress helped to assure IT Security in Capive & Co. is on highest level and educate project managers and employees of value and importance of IT Security.


    • Vulnerabilities and Threats Detection

    • Analysis of Business Relationships

    • Detailed analysis of Capive & Co. vendors, it's rights to IT assets of the company, ways of communication and information transfers.

    • IT Security Architecture & Implementation


    • Increased level of IT Security

    • Detailed vendor risk management plan

    • Documented best practices and procedures

    • Higher level IT Security awareness

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